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Combination Transforming Plaid Long Coat

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A multifunctional coat that utilizes KBRⓇ Double Slide Zippers to easily add or remove the bottom portion of the jacket in order to be styled in a multitude of ways.

The collar can be fixed in a down or upright position, and be secured with adjustable webbing and buttons to prevent harsh weather conditions from entering.

Accessible hand pockets in either configuration as well as 2 more pockets on either side of the upper chest for various storage options.

The two way KBRⓇ zipper down the middle allows for a more comfortable drape while seated.

Key Features:

  • KBRⓇ Zipper with Double Sliders: Facilitates easy transformation of the coat's length and adds convenience in styling.
  • YYNKⓇ Snap Button: Provides a secure and durable closure, enhancing the coat's functionality.
  • Adjustable Collar Design: Can be transformed into a standing collar as per styling needs, equipped with adjustable straps and buttons for wind and cold protection.
  • Multiple Pocket Configuration: Features strategically placed pockets on both the chest and waist areas for increased storage capacity.
  • Flexible Zipper Design: The double zipper allows for greater mobility and prevents deformation of the coat while enhancing its style quotient.

Fabric Information:

  • Main Fabric (Black): Special Texture Brushed Fabric. Composition: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester. This fabric is known for its unique texture, practical wear-resistance, windproof qualities, and ability to retain warmth effectively.

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Combination Transforming Plaid Long Coat
Combination Transforming Plaid Long Coat Angebot$248 USD